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Join the Tara Hills Elementary PTA

Students First, supported by families, faculty and administration.

Did you know, anyone can join the PTA?

Community advocates, business partners, neighbors, school staff and of course parents and teachers can sign up to have a voice in supporting Tara Hills Elementary school students.

This year, the PTA has established three major objectives:

  + Supporting Student Learning and Growth

  + Building a Community Between Parents, Teachers and Students

  +Funding or Supporting a Major School Program

You Can Support Your Students through the
PTA in Four Basic Ways 

  1. Volunteer  - Support our events activities by being present.  Complete the sign up form to recieve information and to hear about opportnities to help during upcoming events.
  2. Join the PTA - Become a member and attend the Association meetings every other month. Volunteer to help at events.  We also welcome you to join the PTA Board to plan events, activities and fundraising efforts.
  3. Donate  - If you're unable to join the association or help organize events, you can always donate to the PTA.  We accept classroom supplies for teachers (see classroom supplies list).  You can also submit a monetary contribution of any size.
  4. Purchase Apparel - Visit our PTA store for information about custom Tara Hills apparel, gifts and other items.


Receive Tara Hills PTA Announcements


2300 Dolan Way
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Phone: (510) 858-9019


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